About the Institute Mission


The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research is a unique center for folkloristic, ethnological, ethnomusicological and related scientific research in the Republic of Croatia, at which the emphasis is on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary critical research of culture.

The changes in the name of the Institute since it was founded in 1948 mark the process of the systematic broadening of the scope of its research, starting with the Institute of Folk Art, through the Institute of Folklore Research, which was oriented towards questions of the transformation of traditional culture, to the present day Institute in which, by building upon the former approaches and themes, the anthropological aspects and sustainability of binary division of traditional and popular, of urban and rural, of high culture and low culture are being researched, furthering interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue.

Scientific research is necessary if the Institute intends to transmit knowledge, a prerequisite for all forms of cooperation and application (domestic and international, scientific and cultural) and indispensable for other tasks. The activity of the Institute encompasses empirical and theoretical research; gathering and critical processing of data and ensuring their availability; writing, presenting at gatherings and publishing of scientific and professional work; participating in higher education and educational projects; publishing parts of prepared material in printed and electronic form and on CDs and DVDs; services of the specialized library; writing expertises and participating in committies of local and regional governments; application of research results in schools and education, publishing, art and economy; production of folklore festivals, organizing exhibitions, aiding amateur art and folklore groups, cooperation with media and the domestic and international scientific and cultural public in general. 

The Institute was founded to implement programs of scientific research, as a public service in science, to carry out scientific research and programs of public, scientific, cultural and social interest to the Republic of Croatia. Its mission is being fulfilled by continuing its fundamental activity and scientific and research projects under the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, in international projects and other contracted scientific and research projects and programs. Public financing is a prerequisite for its implementation in the public sphere and in harmony with the public interest.