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Audio Library

The sound recordings make up a unique fund of folkloristic and ethnographic documents on Croatian traditional culture, other peoples in Croatia and Croatians living outside of Croatia, and cover the fields of oral literature, folklore music and dance, narrations on customs and other ethnological material as well as contemporary events, scholarly conferences and the like.  At the moment, the Audio Library houses 3 483 units, largely of notations from the Croatian-speaking regions.

Digitising of the earliest tape recordings began in 1997 while the digital fund today numbers 1 131 units of digitised material covering the period from 1954 to 2010.


Medium: tapes, audio cassettes, mini discs, DAT, CD, DVD
Format: analog notations and digital (wave)    
Period: 1912 - 2011
Language: Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Albanian, Macedonian, Hungarian, Italian, German, Roma...

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