Archive Special Collection of Ethnographic Material Drawings


The collection contains some 2 000 drawings filed in 61 folios. They are largely by the Academy-trained artist Živko Kljaković, who worked at the Institute, with only 9 collections of sketches by other authors.  The unique Živko Kljaković collection originates from the 1950 to 1965 period and is made up of 1 750 drawings filed in 52 folios.  He drew on tablets, that is, hard paper cardboard in 17x24 cm dimensions, usually in the Indian ink technique, although he also worked in pencil and paint.  The entire collection is made up of sketches of traditional architecture and folk handicrafts, of narrators and of various characteristic motifs from the art and life of the people living in the various areas of the Croatian region.

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Medium: drawings on paper
Period: 1952 - 1999
Localities: Croatia (the Adriatic coast and the islands, Lika, Banija, Moslavina, Podravina, Zagreb regions), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland