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Lydia Sklevicky

Lydia Sklevicky, feminist and researcher, was born in Zagreb in 1952, and died in a road traffic accident at Donja Dobra, near Delnice, in 1990. She graduated in sociology and ethnology at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb and gained her Masters in 1984. She worked in the Croatian Institute of History from 1976, and from 1988 she worked at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research.
She was engaged in the research of the social history of women and women’s movements, the anthropology of gender, and political anthropology. She was a member of the Croatian Sociological Association and the Croatian Ethnological Society. She was a member, and one of the founders, of the “Women and Society” group in the Croatian Sociological Association, and was a member of the group for the research of the history of women "Nada Klaic" at the Historical Society of Zagreb. She was a member of the editorial board of the international journal Gender and History, and a member of the editorial team for the Journal of Contemporary History.

She took part in a number of national and international academic meetings. She held courses in universities both at home and abroad. Her academic and professional works were printed in national and international publications, and she was involved in journalism and translations. Together with Zarana Papic, she prepared the anthology Antropologija zene (Anthropology of Women) (Prosveta, Belgrade 1983). She arranged the book Zena i drustvo, Kultiviranje dijaloga (Women and Society, Cultivating dialogue) (Croatian Sociological Association, Zagreb 1987). Some of her texts are collected in the posthumous publication of the book entitled Konji, zene, ratovi (Horses, Women, Wars) (Zenska infoteka, Zagreb 1996), for which the texts were chosen and prepared by Dunja Rihtman Augustin.

(The bibliography of the works of Lydia Sklevicky, which was prepared by Anamarija Starcevic Stambuk, is published in the book Lydia Sklevicky, Konji, zene, ratovi, Zenska infoteka Zagreb 1996, and on the web pages of the Zenska infoteka in Zagreb