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Professor Naila Ceribašić, PhD
research advisor in tenure appointment


Bachelor degree in musicology and masters degree in ethnomusicology at the Department of Musicology (1990, 1993); doctoral degree in the humanities, the field of ethnology and cultural anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb (1998).

Employment and academic titles
From 1990 affiliated with, and from 1999 staff member of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb.
Academic ranks in humanities, the field of ethnology and anthropology: assistant (1995), senior assistant (1998), research associate (1999), senior research associate (2004), research advisor (2008), research advisor in tenure appointment (2013).
Academic ranks in humanities, the field of science on arts: titular assistant professor (2001), titular associate professor (2008), research advisor (2014), titular full professor (2015).

Scholarly research (chronological order)
Traditional music in eastern Croatia, ethnomusicological analysis, folklore festivals and festivalization, music in the context of war and political changes on the territory of former Yugoslavia, gender aspects of music-making, musical expressions of ethnic minorities in Croatia, theories and methods in ethnomusicology, intangible cultural heritage in Southeastern Europe and worldwide.

A book on the history and ethnography of public practice of folk music in Croatia, c. fifty articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes (in Croatian, English, Chinese and French), and c. hundred professional papers; (co-)editor of five edited books (in Croatian and English) and three CDs. (Link to full bibliography is below).

Scholarly meetings: participation and organization
Participated at c. sixty international conferences and symposia of professional organizations, and c. fifteen domestic, including c. ten keynote speeches and plenary sessions.
Served as member and chair of program committees (ICTM world conference in St. John’s 2011, symposia of ICTM study groups in Toronto 2000, Prague 2008, Zefat 2012, Petnica 2014) and organization committees (symposia of ICTM study groups in Punat 1995, Korčula 2000; SIEF congress in Zagreb 2015; Istarski etnomuzikološki susreti in Roč 2000-2001, 2003).

Professional organizations: membership and functions
Member of International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), European Seminar in Ethnomusicology, Croatian Ethnological Society, Croatian Musicological Society, and Croatian Composers Society.
Served as Croatian liaison officer of ICTM (1998–2007), chair of the Croatian National Committee of ICTM (2007–2010), member of ICTM Executive Board (2011–), and representative of ICTM at UNESCO (2012–).

Service in scholarly journals
Co-editor of Narodna umjetnost: Croatian Journal of Ethnology and Folklore Research (1999–2011), member of editorial boards of Ethnomusicology (2009–2010) and Translingual Discourse in Ethnomusicology (2014–), member of advisory board of Ethnomusicology Forum (2013–2016), The International Journal of Traditional Arts (2016–) and Muzika (2018–).
Reviewer for a number of refereed journals.

Courses in graduate studies at the Department of Musicology, Music Academy, University of Zagreb: “Ethnomusicology”, “Ethnomusicological research”, “Traditional music”, “Traditional music in contemporary times”, and “Croatian traditional music” (1999–). Participation in courses in doctoral studies (2001–2007, 2018), and invited lectures in courses offered by other professors.
Courses in doctoral studies at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb: “Festivalization of traditional music”, and “Music and social identity” (2008–).
Supervision of c. fifteen BA and MA theses and one PhD thesis at the University of Zagreb; one MA thesis at the University of Sarajevo. External examination of PhD theses at universities in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Belgrade.
Invited lectures at universities in Aveiro, Dubrovnik, Edmonton, Graz, Lisboa, Ljubljana, Padua, Venice, Vienna, Zagreb.

Representative of ICTM in the Evaluation Body (and former Consultative Body) of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, UNESCO (2013–2015); facilitator of capacity-building workshops organized by the Intangible Heritage Section of UNESCO (2016–).
Member of expert committees for cultural-artistic amateurism and for intangible cultural heritage at the Ministry of Culture; member of committee for traditional culture of Roma at the Government Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities; member of committee for cultural programs of national minorities at the Council for National Minorities; member of steering committee of the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia “Lado”.
Member of program team of the International Folklore Festival, Zagreb (1992–2016); expert collaborator of the Manifestation “Cultural Activities of National Minorities in the Republic of Croatia” (2001–2008).
Expert collaborator in preparation of several TV broadcasts.

The “Milovan Gavazzi” Award from the Croatian Ethnological Society in 2003 for the book Hrvatsko, seljačko, starinsko i domaće: Povijest i etnografija javne prakse narodne glazbe u Hrvatskoj (Croatian, peasant, old and local: History and ethnography of the public practice of folk music in Croatia).
The “Josip Andreis” Award from the Croatian Composers Society in 2000 for the edition Hrvatska tradicijska glazba – Croatian Traditional Music (as editor of the double CD, together with Joško Ćaleta, and the author of accompanying book).

Bibliography and meetings