The radio show “Nepregledno blago” (Radio Sljeme)

On September 10, 2020 project leader dr. sc. Naila Ceribašić, and project collaborators dr. sc. Željka Radovinović and dr. sc. Jelka Vukobratović spoke about the project on the show “Nepregledno blago” edited by Ana Lacković Varga (Radio Sljeme). Apart from the state of research, the availability of the records themselves, incentives to start the project and its goals, they talked about ongoing work on the database of Croatian e-discography. Part of the broadcast was dedicated to Vlaho Paljetko who translated foreign songs to Croatian, and how the foreign hits influenced his authorial songs. Some musical examples were songs “Jedan brodić mali” (Dalmatian folk song arranged by J. Gotovac) performed by Zagreb Vocal Quintet (S. Reinis, Z. Krček, M. Kuftinec, M. With, N. Bogdan) accompanied by pianist V. Mutak, found on the first Jugoton record (J-1001, 1947); “Capinera” (A. Giuliani) performed by Vlaho Paljetko with the Schild-Vlahović Jazz Orchestra (edited by Edison Bell Penkala, Z-1411, 1928 ?, this is one of several Paljetak’s recordings of mentioned 1920s Italian hit); and Paljetak’s most popular authorial song “Marijana” performed by the author himself accompanied by the orchestra Vlahović – Mahalup – Tomin (EBP, Z-2195, 1936?).

The show is available here