Suzana Marjanić, PhD

Suzana Marjanić, research advisor

Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research,  Zagreb

Suzana Marjanić, research advisor (b. 1969), works at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore in Zagreb, where she realizes her interests in the theories of myth and ritual (dissertation: Myth in oral literature — tracing of the  Nodilo’s re/construction of the “old faith” of Serbs and Croats. IEF rkp. 1774, 2002.), cultural and critical animal studies and performance studies.

She published six author’s books: Voices of “Bygone Days”: Transgressions of Worlds in Krleža’s Notes 1914-1921/22 (2005), Chronotope of Croatian Performance Art: From Traveleri until Today (2014), The Topoi of Performance Art: A Local Perspective (2017),  Cetera animantia: From Ethnozoology to Zooethics (2021), Myths and Re/contructions: Tracing Natko Nodilo’s Old Faith of Serbs and Croats (2022) and  Performance Art nad Kynicism: Performance Line of Resistance (2022).

She is the co-editor of eight anthologies: Cultural Bestiary (Zagreb, 2007), Literary animal. Cultural Bestiary 2 (Zagreb, 2012, both cultural animalistic anthologies with A. Zaradija Kiš), Animal: a book about humans and non-humans. Cultural Bestiary 3 (Zagreb, 2022, with Maja Pasarić and Antonija Zaradija Kiš), with Marijana Hameršak she edited Folkloristička čitanka (Zagreb, 2010), with I. Prica Mitski zbornik (Zagreb, 2010), with B. Koštić Krležin EU/ropski furiosum (Koprivnica, 2016), a collection of works Ecofeminism: between green and women’s studies (Zagreb, Durieux, 2020) she edited with Goran Đurđević, and  The Cat-Collection: From  Bastet to Catwoman (Zagreb: Jesenski & Turk, KIC, 2022) with Rosana Ratkovčić.

She is a member of the editorial board of the magazine Treća: magazine of the Center for Women’s Studies, the biweekly Zarez (until 2016, when the biweekly was discontinued) and the magazine Narodna umjetnost.

Teaching activity:

She is an external associate (lecturer) at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Zadar (course: Theories of Rituals, Animal Anthropology) and the Department of Croatology at the Faculty of Croatian Studies in Zagreb (course on Miroslav Krleža and Literary Anthropology).


For the book Chronotope of Croatian Performance Art: From Traveleri until Today (Bijeli val, Institute of Ethnology and Folkloristics, School Book): Annual Award of the Croatian Section of AICA, State Award for Science.

Bibliography (available online):|suzana%20marjani%C4%87|text|profile