“Kaj” on shellac gramophone records: Old record listening session (2022/9/7)

“KAJ” ON SHELLAC GRAMOPHONE RECORDS: Kajkavian popevka in the early days of the record industry in Croatia

On Wednesday, September 7, 2022, we continued the sequence of old record listening sessions, but this time, we moved to the north of Croatia. It was held in the courtyard of the newly renovated Gallery of the City of Krapina in the setting of the Kajkavian Culture Week and the 57th festival of Kajkavian songs in Krapina.

How did the Kajkavian song sound a hundred years ago? Who were its composers, and who were its performers? What place did it occupy in the record production of local record companies? Are some of the examples still prominent in the rich Kajkavian repertoire? With crackling Kajkavian sounds, our Tanja Halužan successfully answered these questions and prepared an interesting listening session.