Listen up! Radio show “Ne dirajte mi krugove” on Radio Križevci (2021/7/6 at 17:00 GMT)

On Tuesday, July 6, 2021, we presented the project on Radio Križevci in the show “Ne dirajte mi krugove” edited by Ratko Matić. The guest of the show was Jelka Vukobratović. Dedicated to early Croatian discography, the show emphasized the popular music repertoire recorded on Edison Bell Penkala records. In that line, the first gramophone record with the recitations and songs originating from Križevci tradition was presented. In addition to that, Vukobratović talked about the record company’s connection with the cabaret scene of interwar Zagreb.

This 1334th edition of the award-winning cultural and popular science show “Ne dirajte mi krugove” was broadcasted on Radio Križevci on 96.60 MHz.

The recording is available at the following link: