Listen up! Radio show “Tragom glazbe” on HR3 (2023/4/29)

In April 2023, the editor of the radio broadcast Tragom GlazbeGordana Krpan, hosted our colleague Nada Bezić on the 3rd program of Croatian Radio. The feature was dedicated to the successful listening session in Glina, which took place on January 26, 2023. It was organized within Diskograf Project, featuring old “shellac” records owned by Beata Devčić Domić, the widow of the composer Natko Devčić. Recently, Beata has been the focus of the public because of her rich ballet career and work in the Ensemble “Lado”, all the way from the beginning in 1949. Prof. Devčić-Domić was a guest at the listening session in Glina, presenting herself as an excellent speaker and a good connoisseur of the history of the town where her husband was born.


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