Listen up! Radio show “Tragom glazbe” on HR3

Last October (2023/10/29), project collaborator Nada Bezić prepared a feature for the radio broadcast Tragom glazbe by editor Gordana Krpan played on the 3rd program of Croatian Radio. In the broadcast, Bezić talked about the beginnings of the record industry in Zagreb, which go back to 1927, when the Edison Bell Penkala record factory started operating. In the story about the first “shellac” records, Bezić took us on a walk to the places in Zagreb where the records were produced and listened to, but also where people danced to the music from the records. She presented music performed by legendary performers: Vlaho Paljetak, Andrija Konac and Ivo Robić. In addition, she prepared several examples of classical music by Verdi and Chopin.


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