Old record listening session “Following the traces of Dalmatian song: Prominent composers”

On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, we continued our sequence of 78 rpm record listening sessions.

After the prominent performers of Dalmatian songs recorded during the first half of the 20th century, to whom we listened in January 2022, our focus turned to prominent composers of Dalmatian melody. Vjekoslav Knežević, Silvio Sutlović, Vlado Vicić and Mario Nardelli are just some of the composers whose name has faded over time, turning a number of recognizable melodies into a national treasure without a known author. Their rich work has been recorded by Edison Bell Penkala, Elektroton and Jugoton record companies. The listening session was moderated by dr. sc. Joško Ćaleta, project associate and doctoral student Dora Dunatov. It was held in hybrid form in the library of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research in Zagreb and via the Zoom platform.


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