Old record listening session “Following the traces of Dalmatian song: Prominent performers”

On Thursday, January 20, 2022, another old record listening session was held at the library of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research in Zagreb. This time, it was dedicated to prominent performers of Dalmatians songs that were recorded on 78 rpm records issued by Elektroton and Jugoton rec. companies. Going through the rich Dalmatian repertoire, we selected a series of recordings performed by Petar Tralić and his Grupa Dalmatinaca, Boris Nikolić, Ansambl Dalmacija, Anica Zubović etc. Many of them are today undeservedly forgotten and hidden in the dusty grooves of hard records that were played on numerous turntables and radios of the former state during the 1940s and 1950s, representing an extremely important part of the music industry.

The listening session was held in hybrid form (in person and via Zoom platform) and was prepared by dr. sc. Joško Ćaleta, ethnomusicologist specialized in the music of Dalmatian area, and doctoral candidate, Dora Dunatov.


Music selection:

  1. Miljenko & Silvio Sutlović: Spavaj mi Ančice (Elektroton, No-?)
  2. Silvio Sutlović & Boris Nikolić: Da mi je s tobom proći Mare (Jugoton, C-6327-768)
  3. Od zlata jabuka, Radio Belgrade 2, radio feature available at: https://www.rts.rs/page/radio/sr/story/24/radio-beograd-2/2500179/od-zlata-jabuka.html
  4. Vilma Isler & Anica Zubović: Oj, mladi mornari (Jugoton, C-6328-770)
  5. Petar Tralić & Boris Nikolić: Ah, piši mi mati (Jugoton, C-6237-588)
  6. Grupa Dalmatinaca: Oj, jablane moj visoki (Jugoton, C-6155-433)
  7. Vocal ensemble Dalmacija & Mario Nardelli, guitar: Vapor stari (Jugoton, C-6515-1159)
  8. Vocal ensemble Dalmacija & Mario Nardelli, guitar: Jedan mali brodić (Jugoton, C-6511-1511)
  9. Zagreb Vocal Quintet: Ti tvoji zubići (Jugoton, J-6023-171 i J-1001-171
  10. Rado Zagreb Male choir & Mladen Jagušt, conductor: Omili mi u selu divojka (Jugoton, C-6146-359)
  11. Ratimir Delorko, tenor & Radio Zagreb Tamburitza ensemble: Marice divojko (Jugoton, J-6017-135)
  12. Student vocal ensemble Lebić: Proplakat će me zora (Jugoton, C-6716-1573)

Recording of the listening session is available at our YouTube channel.

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