Over the past six decades, the way that classical scores are performed has grown increasingly homogenised. We make the case for allowing performances to be much less uniform and performers much more creative. [Challenging Performance]

Last week (May 6 and 10, 2021) we organized two workshops on the topic of established norms in performances of classical music. The workshops were led by musicologist Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, who holds the honorary title of professor emeritus at King’s College in London. Fifteen years ago, he participated in a project at the CHARM center related to the digitization of a large body of 78 rpm gramophone records stored in the King’s Sound Archive. He is currently working on the “Challenging Performance” project, fighting often harmful and restrictive norms of a “proper” performance.

Download D. Leech-Wilkinson’s free e-book “Challenging Performance,” or visit the official Challenging Performance project website.

More information on previous workshops can be found here.