IEF 2021 Annual Conference: Researchers on uncharted paths. International scientific conference dedicated to the remembrance of Nives Rittig-Beljak (call for papers)

IEF 2021 Annual Conference

Researchers on uncharted paths. International scientific conference dedicated to the remembrance of Dr. sc. Nives Rittig-Beljak

We dedicate the IEF 2021 annual conference to the memory of Dr. sc. Nives Rittig-Beljak, research advisor and a long-time associate of the Zagreb Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research. Due to her curiosity and openness to new ideas, new disciplinary branches of Croatian ethnology emerged and engaged with contemporary global research. In light of her contribution to domestic and European ethnology, the topics of the annual conference 2021 are inspired by her professional interests. In general, her research was focused on traditional culture, especially food culture, humour in everyday communication, intercultural exchange in multi-ethnic environments, and the symbolic structures of everyday life, while the interpretive levels she achieved are not exhausted within the ethnological, cultural anthropological, and folkloristic paradigm. We invite you to contribute to discussions on topics and challenges that lead ethnologists, folklorists, and cultural anthropologists to uncharted paths while urging them to deal with the problematic hubs of everyday life.

The heart of the conference is dedicated to the memory of Nives Rittig-Beljak so we also warmly welcome recollections of your collaboration that used to be the basis of the interventional ethnology with which Nives has always been associated.


Program Committee: Melanija Belaj, Jelena Ivanišević, Mojca Ramšak, Reana Senjković i Ana-Marija Vukušić

Date and place: 23rd of November 2021, IEF Library, Šubićeva 42, Zagreb, and via online platform Zoom (the conference will be organized in accordance with the actual epidemiological measures)

Keynote lecture:  Dr  Svetlana Slapšak

Abstracts should be sent to the addresses:;;;

The deadline for abstracts is 20th of October 2021.