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Presentation at the isaScience 2021 Conference

Home ∙Author: Diskograf Presentation at the isaScience 2021 Conference Back to news On August 12, 2021, Jelka Vukobratović presented at the isaScience 2021 Conference, an international conference for interdisciplinary research...

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Workshop with Daniel Leech-Wilkinson

Home ∙Author: Diskograf Workshop with Daniel Leech-Wilkinson Back to news Over the past six decades, the way that classical scores are performed has grown increasingly homogenised. We make the case for allowing performances to...

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“Elektroton Catalogue no. 3” published

Home ∙Author: Diskograf “Elektroton Catalogue no. 3” published Back to news As of today, another Elektroton sales catalogue is available on our webiste! Elektroton Catalogue no. 3 (with the appendix sheet) is...

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Sales catalogue “Jugoton 1950” published

Home ∙Author: Diskograf Sales catalogue “Jugoton 1950” published Back to news We are grateful to Mr. Suan Pan, who is known by this name on the internet portals related to domestic record production at 78 rpm, for...

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