Croatian e-discography database published

As of February 2021, the comprehensive Croatian e-discography database is available for public search. The base covers the period of shellac gramophone records at 78 rpm produced by three record companies based in Zagreb: Edison Bell Penkala, Elektroton and Jugoton. Work on the database will be ongoing until February 2023, and will ultimately include all records of the three companies that are physically preserved in institutional and private collections or documented in sales catalogs and periodicals.

The units in the database include two levels: the record level and the recording level. They mainly rely on record labels as the primary, most complete, and most accurate source of data on records and recordings. Each recording, wherever possible, is accompanied by a photo of the label. Along with the label photo, it is planned to add the initial 30 seconds of the recording.

In addition to data based on labels, the database is gradually supplemented with data from sales catalogs, periodicals, and other sources, which allows more accurate dating and genre definitions, insight into the dissemination and reception of a particular record and/or recordings in their time and after, until today, as well as an insight into the chain of the record industry and printed music releases, radio programs, concert programs, and festivals, and copyright protection. Also, all collections in which a particular record is preserved, all reissues and digital copies available on Internet portals are documented.

More information on the structure of the Croatian e-discography database is available here.