“From the living room of Natko and Beata Devčić”: Old record listening session (2023/1/26)

On Thursday, January 26, we are continuing the sequence of old gramophone record listening sessions organized within the project “Recording Industry in Croatia from 1927 to the end of the 1950s”.

This time we are going to the City of Glina, where librarian Lidija Klobučar will host us in the Glina Library and Reading Room.

We are going to Glina to honor one of the important Croatian figures who was born in that town on June 30, 1914 – composer, pianist, music theorist and academic Natko Devčić. Thus, the record session is titled “From the living room of Natko and Beata Devčić”.

Today, the legacy of Natko Devčić is preserved in the archives of the Department for the History of Croatian Music at HAZU. One part of the legacy are the gramophone records of Natko and his wife Beata. In addition to vinyl records, a part of preserved gramophone records are categorized as 78rpm shellac records. For the needs of the listening session in Glina, we selected and borrowed several of these records from the HAZU music archive, which will be presented in Glina Library.

Musicologist and librarian Nada Bezić and the composer’s widow Beata Devčić-Domić, ballet artist and music teacher, will talk about old records, Natko Devčić and Glina in general.