The first old record listening session

On Wednesday, 2020/10/21, at the multimedia hall of Zagreb City Library, the first old record listening session was held as a part of this year’s event Croatian Book Month. The subject of the session was “Popevke je slagal: Vlaho Paljetak in early Croatian discography”. The session was mediated by dr. sc. Jelka Vukobratović, project associate and Igor Mladinić of the Music Department of Zagreb City Library. It was also recorded by CMC TV. In addition to the live session, the participants were able to join in via Zoom. Apart from presenting and analyzing selected songs performed by Vlaho Paljetak, the occasion was used to present the project financed by the Croatian Science Foundation. The interactive approach allowed participants to engage with their comments and questions throughout the session.

See: Announcement / PPT / Sound examplesPhotogallery / CMC TV feature