Croatian migratory themes from an anthropological angle: emigration, remigration and immigration

With this research platform, the theme of migration is broadened in comparison with research done to present, because it captures not only internal and external migratory movements of Croats (historical and contemporary work (e)migration, remigration (return) and relocation of diasporic generations into their country of origin, forced dislocations and search for protection within the country or abroad), but also migratory movements towards Croatia as a destination country (immigration). These migratory processes are observed on the basis of anthropological and sociological theories of migration, diaspora, mobility, motility, transnationalism, transculturalism and identity, all in the context of a complex interaction of global, transnational, national and local political, social and economic factors that shape migratory processes and their consequences. In the epistemological sense the platform strives to question reflexively present research approaches, public perception of migratory movements and relationships, both towards the Croatian diaspora and the immigrants in the country, and the role of the researchers themselves and their interpretations of migratory themes. With such a broadly designed long-term research platform we strive to overcome the rift between the historiographical and anthropological (sociological) approaches to migrations in Croatia and to unite various aspects of migratory research (emigration, remigration, immigration, voluntary and forced migrations). Through the studies and reinterpretations of chosen particular historical and contemporary migrations we will strive to develop a reflexive understanding of the nexus of migrations, their study and the social moment.