Humanities at Scale: Evolving the DARIAH-ERIC (HaS-DARIAH)

Obzor 2020, 2015 – 2017

Summary: The project Humanities at Scale (HaS) is meant as the continuation of the attainments of the DARIAH-ERIC Consortium and further addition and advancement of activities in the area of digitally enabled research in arts and humanities. To achieve this goal HaS focusses on three main activities: growing the DARIAH community, developing core services and informing research communities. The work of the project is divided into several work packages, such as: communication and innovation, expansion of DARIAH, education, integration and evaluation of national contributions to DARIAH, support of the lifecycle of basic services of digital humanities and open data infrastructure.

IEF is included in the implementation of the part of a project titled Growing DARIAH as a linked third party and participates in implementing two tasks. The first task is to organise at least two workshops in the field of digital humanities, and the second is the creation of a network of contacts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, so that connections are established between them and the consortium DARIAH-EU and that they become familiar with the DARIAH-EU missions and plans. As a national coordinator for the DARIAH-HR, IEF will also become a regional coordination centre. In this way we will contribute to solving some other tasks, such as defining the role of an ambassador of DARIAH and drafting and designing business models.