Culture of nutrition and the ethnology of everyday life

The research into the culture of nutrition in the midst of contemporary social changes attempts to find links and offer synthesis of research that is taking various directions, to promote the anthropology of nutrition as working knowledge and knowledge applicable in many ways. The interdisciplinary study of nutrition in Croatia will unify the available knowledge about regional nutrition, entail field research in areas where the data are not available and tie the results into the picture of the cultural history of Croatia. Work on the project also envisions research of Mediterranean nutrition, to protect it and promote it as intangible cultural heritage. Special emphasis is given to a microresearch Ethnography of a green market – social practices of selling and buying and everyday life in Dolac. The focus of the research is on the Dolac market, its position in the network of city markets and its specific organisational structure. The research will deal with the question of people choosing Dolac as their workspace, daily/weekly work schedule in the market and work that preceded the profession of a “seller at the Dolac green market” (physical, family or hobby) and its (existential) importance for some sellers. The intention of the project is to widen the research of markets to other cities and towns in Croatia.