Intangible culture and digital humanistics

The intention of the project is to continue the fundamental research of traditional culture and culture of contemporary everyday life through the prism of the relationship between the intangible culture and digital humanistics. Contemporary social practices in Croatia and abroad, such as music, dance, beliefs, oral tradition, customs and rituals, will be studied in the context of contemporary performances and meanings supported by diachronic data, along with the development of the digital research infrastructure in cooperation with the DARIAH-ERIC Consortium and technical aid of the Indigo platform. The goal of the project is further development of the Referral Centre for the Intangible Cultural Heritage through systematic monitoring of the conditions, documenting, professional and scientific processing and critical interpretation. The Centre is also going to be developed through various forms of the educational, applied and consultant work with local communities and different users – institutions, local active groups, organisations and individuals in education, culture, tourism and administration. The technological capabilities of the digital repository and communication through electronic channels make the participation of local communities and bearers of traditions possible, enable faster and more efficient dissemination of research results and the creation of networks of users, scientists and partners in the country and abroad. These technologies offer and demand efficient processing and linking of the material, reflexivity and interdisciplinarity of researchers, along with the dialogic relationship with partners, creators and bearers of the tradition, as active creators of new social relationships, practices, symbolic meanings and identities.