By continuing the decades long orientation of the Institute’s research projects to urban environments, the platform Urban processes and identities establishes a systematic research of the city from the ethnological and cultural anthropological perspective, with, potentially, interdisciplinary cooperation. The focus of the platform are contemporary changes of the city of Zagreb, which are studied through the transformations of public spaces and through the transformations of the identity of the city and its inhabitants. The project includes fieldwork research, research in the archive and the study of some public spaces of the city (diachronic and synchronic dimension) and of some social groups and urban communities (processes of identification, lived everyday life), and is directed analytically towards the intersection of the global, (trans) national and local processes in the basis of urban transformation. Some of the specific themes, which will be treated in relation with other themes, are the re-presentation of the city and public events, branding of the city, mobility and urban immigration, perception and usages of the space, construction of the public politics (politics of space, politics of difference), urban management and local participations, new (urban) lifestyles and art in the public space. The platform was developed on the bases of theoretic corpora of urban anthropology, anthropology of space and anthropology of migration, and, more broadly, within urban studies.