Renata Jambrešić Kirin, PhD

Senior researcher at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research (Zagreb) in the field of oral literature and oral history. She is a head of the project Gender and Nation: feminist ethnography and postcolonial historiography (2007-2011) and the co-director of the postgraduate courses Feminisms in a transnational perspective (2007-).

She took part in projects: “Religion, Gesellschaft und Politik; Wissenschaftliche Arbeitsgruppe für weltkirchliche Aufgaben der Deutschen Bischofs-konferenz: Projekte 12” (guided by Dr Thomas Bremer, Vilhelm-Universität Münster, 2000-2002); “History and Historical Sociology of Socialism” (Transeuropéennes Paris, 2002-2004), and she is a member of consortium at the HESP project: “Cultures of Memory and Emancipatory Politics: Re-visioning the Past and Communality in the Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Spaces” (2007-2011), as well as the national coordinator in the COST Action EastBordNet (IS0803) (2009-2013).

Her research and publications predominantly deal with the subject of contemporary women’s history in Croatia as mediated through the female auto/biographical narratives, testimonial literature, women’s writings and ethnographies. She published the book Dom i svijet: o ženskoj kulturi pamćenja [Home and the world: o women’s cultural memory] (2008) and co-edited five collections of papers: War, Exile, Everyday Life: Cultural Perspectives (1996), Između roda i naroda: etnološke i folklorističke studije [From Gender to Nation: ethnological and folklore studies] (2003), Promišljanje sjevera i juga u postkolonijalnosti//Rethinking North and South in Post-Coloniality (2008), Glasom do feminističkih promjena//Voicing feminist concerns (2009) i Spiritual Practices and Eeconomic Realities: Feminist Challenges (2011).