Nova etnografija

Nova etnografija

“Nova etnografija” is perceived as a book series for the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, whose primary purpose is the production of quality Masters and Doctoral works on different themes in the disciplines of ethnology, anthropology, ethnography and folklore studies. For the moment, a small number of publications have been produced on wide variety of themes related to the ones that the staff at the Institute are engaged in, which as well follow the most up to date trends in world academic research. The intention of the team is also to translate and publish particularly valuable academic works from abroad, which up until now have not been available in Croatian for either a professional readership or for general interest.

Editors: Naila Ceribašić, Renata Jambrešić Kirin, Maja Pasarić 

Sales catalogue “Jugoton 1950” published

We are grateful to Mr. Suan Pan, who is known by this name on the internet portals related to domestic record production at 78 rpm, for giving us a scanned copy of Jugoton's catalogue of gramophone records from 1950: Jugoton 1950. With his...

Tribina IEF-a, 22. veljače 2021. Katarina Peović: Nejednaki razvoj i migracije

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Croatian e-discography database published

As of February 2021, the comprehensive Croatian e-discography database is available for public search. The base covers the period of shellac gramophone records at 78 rpm produced by three record companies based in Zagreb: Edison Bell Penkala,...

The second old record listening session

On Friday, January 29, 2021, the second old record listening session with the debate club was held completely online. It was dedicated to the only informative-interpretative center of industrial heritage in Croatia - the Dutch House of the City...

Workshop with Drago Kunej

In two three-hour terms, on Monday and Wednesday, January 18 and 20, 2021, doc. dr. Drago Kunej held a workshop on the technical characteristics of 78 rpm music records. He is currently the head of the sound archive of the Institute of...

Folklorna građa s područja Banovine i Pokuplja u Dokumentaciji IEF-a

Željama za brzu obnovu kuća, sakralnih i kulturnih objekata na stradalim područjima Banovine i Pokuplja, kao i za dostojan život svih njihovih stanovnika, pridružujemo se kratkim pregledom istraživanja i folklorne građe dostupne u Dokumentaciji Instituta za etnologiju i folkloristiku.

Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe: Migrations, Carnival, Sustainable Development

Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe: Migrations, Carnival, Sustainable Development

Scholars from fourteen countries presented their work at the sixth symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe that took place in the town of Sinj in Croatia in April 2018. This publication presents a full record of that Study Group’s biennial symposium. Twelve presenters did not submit their articles; their participation in the event is recognised by the inclusion of their original abstracts. Two panels are documented by three articles and one abstract, while the remaining abstracts are grouped at the end of this volume.

Contributions to the history of the record industry

On December 10th, 2020 we presented at the 12th International Symposium Music in Society (Sarajevo, 2020/12/10-12). Our panel was called Contributions to the History of the Record Industry. The presenters were: Naila Ceribašić: online presentation...