Publications and presentations at conferences

Aside from the database, the project will result with a book, individual scholarly articles and presentations at conferences. The joint book about poetics, politics and economics of the record industry in Croatia from 1927 to the end of the 1950s in the context of socio-political changes in Croatia and the former Yugoslavia, will be published in the last year of the project. A special attention will be given to five identified backbones: fields and genres of traditional, popular and art music; technological, poetical, political and economic dimensions of record filters; the links between record industry and radio, concert and festival programmes, sheet music publishing and copyright protection; the relationship between record production, reception and social identities; and the place of the discography of that time in today’s cultural and musical practice.

Individual articles published in scientific and professional journals will give insight into specific research tasks of the project collaborators. In that, one group will be comprised of research on music in/as performance, another will focus on record filters and the links between record industry and other driving forces of musical life, and the third group will more explicitly focus on the issues of the music industry being anchored in the social environment, the local and global dynamics, and the recipients of record releases. Besides, individual collaborators will prepare articles on theoretical and methodological starting points and implications of this research project, and the PhD candidate will carry out research into the production and dissemination of the three local record companies in relation to the foreign companies present on the Croatian market, the presence of Zagreb-based companies on the European market, and the market niche of Croatian and other South Slav communities in the US.

Our conference plan is comprised of leading local and international musicological and ethnomusicological organizations as well as organizations for the study of popular music and sound archiving.


 11th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Music, Gender, and Sexuality (24-28/9/2021). See conference programme 

Naila Ceribašić: “Women and Gender Relations in the Record Industry in Croatia from 1927 to the End of the 1950s”. See: PPT / Abstract

Jelka Vukobratović: “Women and Sexuality in the Interwar Croatian Popular Music through the Lens of Early Record Industry”. See: PPT / Abstract

Jelka Vukobratović: presentation “The Role of Early Domestic Record Industry in Creating the Croatian Popular Music Canons” at the isaScience 2021 Conference. See: PPT / Conference programme.
22nd Annual Conference of the Croatian Musicological Society (2021/6/10-11), Programme (Cro)

Naila Ceribašić: presentation “Report on the first year of work on the project “The record industry in Croatia from 1927 to the end of the 1950s”. See: PPT (Cro)

Dora Dunatov: presentation “The position of folk music in Jugoton’s 78 rpm production”. See: PPT (Cro)

Naila Ceribašić: presentation ““Miruj, miruj, srce moje”: A contribution to the research of music in (mediated) performance” at the International Artistic and Scientific Conference „Pajo Kolarić and his time“ (2021/5/26), co-organized by J. J. Strossmayer University and the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek. See: PPT / Summary
55th Annual ARSC [Association for Recorded Sound Collections] Conference (2021/5/13-15)

Naila Ceribašić: online presentation”Political and Economic Record Filters: The Example of the Three Zagreb-Based Record Companies from the 1920s to the 1950s”. See: PPT (Eng) / Programme 

Dora Dunatov: online presentation “Ethnicity and the Shellac Market After WWII: Ethnicities of Former Socialist Yugoslavia and Their Position in Record Industry on the Example of Jugoton Rec. Co.”. See: Presentation (Eng) / PPT (Eng)Programme

Panel at the 12th International Symposium Music in Society (Sarajevo, 2020/12/10-12): Contributions to the History of the Record Industry

Naila Ceribašić: online presentation “Localization of record industry in the interwar period: Examples from Croatia” at the 12th International Symposium Music in Society. See: PPT (Eng)

Tanja Halužan: online presentation “Vu Plavem Trnaci: About the Local Character of Early Croatian Record Industry on the Example of Kajkavian popevka”. See: PPT (Cro)

Jelka Vukobratović: online presentation “Early Croatian Record Industry and the Breach of Western Popular Musics”. See: PPT (Eng)

Jelka Vukobratović: presentation “Ethnomusicological Nationalism and its Innocence in Times of Crisis” partially relating to the materials from the project, at the Symposium “Musicology and Its Future in Times of Crises” (Online Symposium, Zagreb 26-28/11/2020). See: Presentation/ PPT

Tanja Halužan: presentation “Local, National and/or Cosmopolitan Character of the Record Industry: The Example of a Zagreb-based Record Company and the Kajkavian Region of Croatia” at the SEM 2020 conference (Virtual Annual Meeting, 2020/10/22-31). See: Presentation / Summary

Naila Ceribašić: presentation “Glazba kao snimka: staro i novo normalno u doba pandemije” at the conference Covid-19 u humanističkoj perspektivi: mutacije straha i kulturne promjene (IEF, Zagreb, 2020/9/28-30). See: PPT/ Summary / Presentation

Naila Ceribašić: presentation “A Snapshot of the Project ‘The Record Industry in Croatia from 1927 to the End of the 1950s” at the conference Early Recordings: Methodologies in Research and Practice (IMR, London, 2020/7/10-11). See: PresentationSummary 

Nada BezićŽeljka RadovinovićJelka Vukobratović: “Predstavljanje početka projekta Diskografska industrija u Hrvatskoj od 1927. do kraja 1950-ih” at the 21st annual meeting of the Croatian Musicological Society (Zagreb, May 2020). See: Presentation

Halužan, Tanja. 2020. “Poetics, Politics, and Economics of Discography in the First Half of the 20th Century: The Beginning of the Research Project ‘Record Industry in Croatia From 1927 to the End of the 1950s’”. Cantus 223 (October 2020): 50. See: Article (Cro)